Alert System

Many Integrations

Virtual Classrooms

ADA Compliant


Alert System

Many Integrations

Virtual Classrooms

ADA Compliant


Alert System

Many Integrations

Virtual Classrooms

ADA Compliant


Why Cyberschool?

Cyberschool is a one-stop shop for your District’s website and communication needs. Cyberschool is a full-fledged solution that has supported thousands of schools for over 20 years. Cyberschool provides everything you need in a website, events, news, forms, payments, and much, much more!

Responsive Websites

Some key components of our CMS include:
1) Drag and Drop Editing
2) Responsive Design (Mobile)
3) Fully ADA Compliant
5) Unlimited Support

Custom Branded Apps

We provide powerful mobile apps that integrate with the websites. Parents can receive unlimited push notifications, view events from multiple schools, and much more.


Cyberschool integrates with many SIS systems, such as PowerSchool, as well as Google Suite to provide you with the abillity to contact parents though our system.

Yes, We Support Automated Calls!

Send phone calls to every parent in your District or to a specific category. Messages will automatically translate into the language that the parent wants to receive calls in with our advanced translation features!


Record or Type your message

If you want to type out your message, our package will, at no extra charge, convert your text into speech. Otherwise you can record a message and send it out.

We speak french. Now You can to.

Translate your automatic call messages to over 20 languages! Reach your entire demograph even if you only speak one language.

One Stop Shop

Cyberschool Connect enables you to write a message once and that message will be published automatically on the website, IOS and Android based apps.

Robust Permissions System

Cyberschool Connect makes it easy to assign privileges to authorized personnel in your district or school, enabling them to update the section that they are responsible for. Teachers can share classroom activities, administration staff can post upcoming events, and coaches can update sports scores with ease.

Notification Types



Site Alert

App Alerts

Automatic Call



Award Winning Website CMS

  • Drag and Drop Editor (WYSIWYG)
  • Integration with:
    • Google Drive
    • Google Calendar
    • Microsoft 365 Calendar
    • PowerSchool SIS
    • Aeries
    • Facebook
  • Affordable Development and Hosting
  • Automated Call System & Attendance Calls
  • Full Alert System
    • Email
    • SMS
    • Site Alert
    • Push Alert
    • Post to Facebook

Custom Branded Mobile Apps

With full integration to Cyberschool Connect, your mobile app becomes a powerful tool to communicate. The app allows administrators and teachers to send out text messages, app alerts, site alerts, emails, post to facebook, and automated calls in seconds from the same dashboard.

Teachers can post a Google Calendar meeting with Google Meet enabled and students can join directly from the mobile app!

Take a photo of your team winning homecoming from your phone and post it to the website along with the scores directly from the app!

"I have been working with IES for the past seven years and with three different school districts. They are a truly professional organization and provide world class support. They host our website and there is never a time, it is not online...If you are looking for a honest, open, professional and honest relationship with a content-web based company for your school site, look no further than IES. "

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Fred Matlage
Director of Technology

"...I can't tell you how delighted we are with our new website. ..All of us are very impressed with the quality and ease-of-use of our new website built on the Cyberschool platform. I have received many compliments from teachers, staff members, board members and parents. As superintendent, I am happy that people in my organization now have simple and straightforward tools to update the pages themselves..."

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Michael T. Harris Ed.D.,
Taft City School District

"Oh ... my ... GAWD!...this is a BEAUTIFUL mock-up for our district! I shared the district webpage mockup with our Public Information Officer (PIO), with our superintendent and with our Cabinet. Everyone loves the new design mockup. I have to tell you though, I literally had chills up my spine when I saw it. You've done a remarkable job!"

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Steve Thorton
Director of Technology
Menifee USD

"I have worked with a lot of different tech people in the past 13 years. I have never worked with a more friendly, out reaching, professional group of people like you have on staff. On more than one occasion I have had to call multiple times in one day and never have your people put me off. If they did not know the answer they had someone there who did. You have a great TEAM!!!"

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Dawn Booth
Web Administrator
Dumas School District

"...we have had so much positive feedback on our site(s). Our webmasters are finally able to venture out and add some of the different modules, such as the podcasts, and they are really impressed with the capabilities!"

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Annie Leger
District Webmaster
Acadia Parish School District

"Something in addition I should mention, as I feel it is important in the decision making process... We have a large district (our District website and 23 schools) which sometimes means our requirements are more involved than smaller districts may encounter. Any time I have had a requirement come up (such as improving the LDAP authentication) or a suggestion for improvement (many "wish-list" items), they have always been interested in my input and have already incorporated almost all of my suggestions into their new platform..."

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Tam Bieszczad
Web Administrator
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