Apple Policy Updates

We are pleased to announce that we have developed a new version of the mobile app and are attempting to update your app with the upgrade. The new update provides enhanced functionality, including the ability to push notifications, news, and calendar events from the app to the website!

1. Please visit
2. Create an Apple ID for yourself. It is recommended that you create a new one with a unique password as you may need to provide these credentials to us so that we can assist you if you encounter any issues.
3. Enable two factor authentication for your apple id. If you have an iOS Device (iPhone, Mac, iPad) follow the guide here: If you do not have an iOS device, call Apple and they will set it up using a phone number that can receive text messages. IES is unable to assist with any two factor authentication issues because we cannot control Apple’s side of things. If you need assistance, Apple will call you back within 5 minutes. Visit and in the search bar, search “authentication” then click on the first result “Recovering password with Two-Factor Authentication.” Next, click “Talk to apple support now” and apple will give you a call.
4. Visit and sign in with the created Apple ID (Sign in should be on the top right).
5. Click on “Join the Apple Developer Program” on the bottom of the page.
6. Click “Enroll” on the top right.
7. Scroll down and click “Start Enrollment” at the bottom.
8. Select I develop apps as “Government Organization.”
9. Input your email, legal entity name, and DUNS number.
10. Apple may request a contact at the district that can verify your authority to sign legally binding documents on your school’s behalf. They will call and verify this.
11. If you are given the option to request a fee waiver, please mark “Yes” and input your Tax ID Number.
12. Your Developer Account will be approved in a few days.
13. After approval: Login to You will no longer see “Enrollment Pending” on the bottom of the page. Now click “People” from the left navigation. Now click “Go To App Store Connect” (blue button). You may be prompted to accept license agreements. You must accept them to continue. Now click the plus icon to add a user (blue + sign). Please create a new user (giving us access to your account). Fill in the boxes with: First Name: Viking, Last Name: Mann, Email: Then click the “Admin” checkbox under “Roles.” Now click the “Invite” button on the bottom right of the popup.

Congratulations! Your Apple developer account is now setup! You do not need to setup anything for Android as their policies enable us to handle all setup on our end. Once your Apple account is approved, we will upgrade your app and schedule training on the new features.

Feel free to contact with any questions!