Full Static Background

ID: 30 Modern Design

What are the key features?

  • Front Page Slideshow:

    The slideshow is displayed below the horizontal menu navigation. It will appear on the home page. Once inside a page, the slideshow will disappear.

    For best quality, the image must be at least 1110px (w) x 340px (h).

  • Background Image:

    A large image is used as the web site’s background. The background image will adjust according to the size of the browser window.

    For best quality, the image must be at least 1540px (w) x 1024px (h).

  • Customizable Quick Link Icons:

    Titles can be named to be whatever you want and they can link to anything. They are displayed above the content area.

What can be customized?

  • Background Image:

    You will need to provide us with the background image to get started and this will be fully editable.

  • Colors:

    The color scheme can be customized to match your organization’s colors.

  • Logo and Site Name:

    Your organization’s logo will be placed in the logo area. The site name will be displayed next to the logo area.

    The logo area is 115px (w) x 115px (h).


What is under my control?

  • Slideshow Images:

    The images will be randomly pulled from a photo album that you create. The heading, body text and link are fully customizable.

  • Social Networking:

    The social icons can be moved to be displayed on the top header, left column or footer area. The exact position within each area is already determined for you.

  • Customizable Quick Link Icons:

    The text and link are fully editable.

  • Horizontal Navigation Headings:

    You can add, delete, or edit the navigation’s menu headings. The number of links displayed depends on the length of the words used.

    We recommend to only have one row of menu headings to keep a professional look.

  • Vertical Navigation:

    You can add, delete, or edit the navigation’s sections and menu headings.

  • Left Column and Footer Text Boxes:

    You can add, delete, or edit the text from the left column text box (appears below the navigation) and from the footer text box.

  • The Portals Area:

    The portals area is to the right of the vertical navigation.


    • You can add different widgets (e.g. content page, calendar, news, weather, etc.) to this area.
    • You can change the layout of the widgets.
    • You can change the style of each widget (from the available options).

What web sites are using this layout?