Simple Lines

ID: T0033 Modern Design

What are the key features?

  • Slideshow:

    The slideshow is displayed on the right side.

    For best quality, the image must be at least 825px (w) x 315px (h).

  • Customizable Quick Link Icons:

    Titles can be named to be whatever you want and they can link to anything. They are displayed on the left side of the slideshow.

What can be customized?

  • Header Background Image:

    The header background can be a solid color, gradient or have a design.

  • Colors:

    The color scheme can be customized to match your organization’s colors.

  • Logo and Site Name:

    Your organization’s logo will be placed in the logo area. The site name will be displayed on the right side of the logo area.

    The logo area is 150px (w) x 100px (h).


What is under my control?

  • Slideshow Images:

    The images will be randomly pulled from a photo album that you create. The heading, body text and link are fully customizable.

  • Social Networking:

    The social icons can be moved to be displayed on the top header, left column or footer area. The exact position within each area is already determined for you.

  • Customizable Quick Link Icons:

    The text and link are fully editable.

  • Horizontal Navigation Headings:

    You can add, delete, or edit the navigation’s menu headings.


    We recommend to only have one row of menu headings to keep a professional look.
  • Vertical Navigation:

    You can add, delete, or edit the navigation’s sections and menu headings.

  • Quote:

    This section can contain a quote, statistic, etc. It is only displayed on the front page of the website.

  • Left Column and Footer Text Boxes:

    You can add, delete, or edit the text from the left column text box (appears below the navigation) and from the footer text box.

  • The Portals Area:

    The portals area is to the right of the vertical navigation.


    • You can add different widgets (e.g. content page, calendar, news, weather, etc.) to this area.
    • You can change the layout of the widgets.
    • You can change the style of each widget (from the available options).

What web sites are using this layout?