The following phases are used to implement Cyberschool for your district/schools:

Introduction and Platform Demonstration Phase

One of our representatives would like to show you a presentation of our award winning Content Management System. We would like to take some time learn more about your School District and any needs you have during this presentation. Our team will then review your district’s or school’s unique needs, goals, and technology resources and then discusses the function and structure of your website. A contract is then drafted and sent to you for your signature.

Design Phase

Once a signed contract has been received, we will begin the Design Phase. Our Support Team will send you a “Graphic Design Information Request Form” to collect your district/schools logos, school colors, web addresses of your sites, slogans or specific quotes, etc. Our graphic designers use the information and design a mockup of the front page of your district/schools website. After the design is finalized, our programmers will work on the back-end design and complete the site.

Training Phase

Our experienced techs will then train you on the robust Cyberschool platform. The training is about 2 hours and training is free and unlimited.