The web-based Cyberschool platform allows for the development, hosting, and maintenance of a fully functioning website for each district and school.

Administrators, teachers, and staff can have unlimited and flexible web pages, which include calendars, scrapbooks and much more.

Cyberschool’s entire network infrastructure is designed to provide the best hosting service possible that is safe and reliable.

Our modules/programs are tested before being put into live environment. Our hardware, in our multi-site data center is also thoroughly tested before being used. All this helps to keep our servers up nearly 100% of the time.

IES, Inc. offers complete E-ratable hosting options. Our hosting service offers 24-hour network monitoring, daily off-site backups, redundant Internet connections, on-site generator and battery back-up, and other options:

  • Full Network Redundancy
  • Fully redundant (N+1) power and air conditioning system
  • Enterprise grade routers, firewalls, and servers
  • 300mbps Web Server Internet Connection
  • Redundant nightly backups
  • Automatic Upgrades
  • 24/7 monitoring and Hourly server backups with retention policies
  • Unlimited uploading of files, scalable data storage
  • E-Rate Compliant under category Internet Access (Priority 1)