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Schools need to prevent Bullying and also receive tip offs for Criminal ActivitiesSchool Bullying Prevention: How bad is bullying in America? Statistically, it affects between 25-33% of children across the country. According to a recent study, 70-80% of bystanders do not take action and more than 70% of all children will be bullied at least once during their K-12 years! Several States have already required school websites to have a procedure to anonymously report student bullying.Cyberschool has been very proactive in taking steps to reduce this scourge. Our No Bullying Module is very dynamic in both display and function. When the module is enabled, a red “No Bullying” tab will appear on the side of the site. When a user clicks on this tab, they will be directed to a short form. Each school may have a different email associated with the No Bullying form, allowing for delegation of responsibility to different school authorities.

To empower the victims of bullying, we also included an Anti Bullying tab in our Cyberschool App. The app is one of the first Anti-Bullying Apps and immediately alerts schools authorities to potential problems while creating a solid record of harassment. With the explosion of mobile device ownership, Cyberschool’s No Bullying tab allows any student with a mobile device to instantly report such activity to the proper authorities without fear.

Reporting Suspicious Behavior: 

Suspicious behavior often goes unreported. Students may observe suspicious behavior for months or even years before a shooting takes place. Unfortunately, this kind of behavior is almost never reported by students until it is too late. There are several reasons for lack of on-time preventive reporting by students including not knowing what behavior should be reported, how it should be reported, and finally fear of retaliation.

To empower students, parents, and teachers to report Suspicious Behavior, we have designed a Tip-Off Tab (Form) in our Cyberschool platform. Our Tip-Off Module is similar to the No Bullying Module, but is designed to provide an easy-to-access form for parents, staff, and students to report any suspicious behavior or criminal activities around the school site anonymously. It can also be used to report any suspicious items or packages left behind, inside, or around the school building.

Furthermore, parents, guardians, teachers, and staff play a key role in student suicide prevention. Our Tip-Off form enables reporting of any behavior that is self-directed and deliberately results in injury or the potential for injury to oneself.

Both forms are easy to set up and can be activated in seconds.

Did you know Red Lake High School used Cyberschool’s Tip-Off tab to inform authorities of a bomb threat? Red Nation National News published an article about it.

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Live examples of the No Bullying and Tip-Off Modules can be found here: