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IES Board Policies Module enables districts to make copies of their policy manual available through the internet for public viewing. This module can be used as an online reference to communicate effectively, reduce the number of physical copies needed, and ensure availability for all relevant parties.

Important features of this module include:

  • Client ability to update Board Policies online at any time with the use of a web browser and username/password.
  • A powerful search function enables the Client to perform searches by reference code, name of policy, or content of policy.
  • A tree structured navigation system appears on every web page, placed below the search in the left-hand side navigation. The tree will list the main policy numbers and name.
  • Sub-policies under the main series of policies appear in the left-hand side navigation. This keeps the navigation tree simple and user-friendly. When clicked on, the full detail of a policy is displayed to the right in the main window of the browser.
  • A bread-crumb navigation is included at the top of every page, allowing the user to navigate backwards easily. A list of all policies and their sub-points are listed at the bottom of each main page.
  • Manage meetings with associated meeting agendas, broken up into sections.

NOTE: This is not the same service provided by companies like GAMUT, which enable you to find template versions of policies. IES Board Policies Module enables you to store, search and display your board policies online at any time with the use of a web browser.