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Cyberschool incorporates an easy-to-use content management system, which enables teachers to populate and maintain their own personal page(s) in a matter of minutes.

Teachers can choose from a variety of custom designed templates that provide attractive look and flexibility while maintaining consistency with their school’s site. A classroom Wizard assists teachers in choosing a template, adding contents, and building a functional online classroom in a matter of minutes.


Our classroom module serves as a vital communication tool for teachers, students and parents. Teachers can add and update classroom pages easily and use them as a central place to share classroom topics with students. Students use classroom pages to discuss classroom topics in and out of school.

This also serves as an important tool for parents who wish to engage in educational topics posted by teachers online and to be proactively involved at any time with their student’s progress. Functionalities include teacher profile, assignment, homework, blog, unlimited pages, classroom-specific calendars, picture gallery, podcasts, forums, RSS updates, news, class links, scope and sequence allowing for dynamic online classrooms.


Our classroom module is built to be flexible and expandable. Teachers can custom design the functionality of their classroom pages by turning features and components on and off according to their preferences at any given time. The user view only what has been activated.

Teachers can easily reactivate desired components at any time.