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Most web-based solutions for an e-Education platform leave a tech person as the intermediary between the teachers and their content being posted on the website.

Cyberschool removes the intermediary and empowers teachers to create, update and modify their web pages quickly and easily.

Cyberschool provides your district with a powerful website that serves as the main gateway for all schools sites. Our dedicated support team develops a district site using feedback from your technology directors and selected staff. We then work with each school to develop school sites that reflect each school’s color, theme, mascot, logo and school message. To ensure a consistent look and feel the district website’s layout is used for all schools within the district.

Easy Web page Editing

Front-end content management technology offers simple-to-use, text edit boxes that work similar to any word processing package such as Microsoft Word. Formatting, font types, size, color and alignment can all be changed with a click of the button, no HTML or programming knowledge needed!

Easy Content Layout Change

User-interface for adding content is consistent, easy to use and offers drag and drop capability. Layout of page contents can easily be changed using the layout selection option.


The Cyberschool web portal is scalable to fit the specific needs of each schools/districts, such as MAC and/or PC compatible. Our platform supports all browser types including Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera.