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This unique tool allows School Administrators, Teachers, and Staff Members to identify those students that may have a need for extra assistance inside or outside the classroom (academically, socially, emotionally, or even basic needs). Staff members or teachers select a student and submit any notes and observations about that individual. An Admin can select a student case number and submit actions to be performed by others such as school counselors, psychologists, or even other teachers. Information regarding performed actions are stored and can be shared instantly. Teachers, Faculty, and Staff can access the up to date log of information at any time to ensure that the student is being cared for.

  • Paperless tracking of actions and referrals
  • Personalized lists
  • Student Search
  • Mobile Responsive Follow up Form
  • Follow up actions and automatic recording
  • Easy Student, Staff, and Faculty import
  • Could be added to school district of any size