Some web-based solutions for an e-Education platform leave a tech person as the intermediary between the teachers and their content being posted on the website.

It can be a difficult relationship and create roadblocks for teachers and students using technology. Cyberschool removes the intermediary and empowers teachers to create, update and modify their web pages quickly and easily.

Cyberschool’s architecture is designed to be open, flexible, modular, and standards compliant. The highly scalable platform is very manageable, and easily integrates with other existing enterprise databases.

Other important advantages of Cyberschool for IT Directors are listed below:


  • No software to install or download.
  • Gets staff and teachers involved in creating and maintaining webpages.
  • Easy, fill-in-the-blank format.
  • No knowledge of HTML, FTP or other programming language.
  • Point-and-click set up.
  • Multiple user access (so you don’t have to do it all.)


  • A complete District wide website.
  • True integration, from the district to the school to the classroom.
  • Use our components to complement an existing site, or set up a brand new one.
  • Mac and PC compatibility.
  • Web-based training.
  • 24-hour site monitoring.


  • A great way to introduce teachers and students to technology.
  • An Intranet can be set up for inner communication throughout your district.
  • Keep current on what’s happening in your district.
  • Grant or deny users’ access level.
  • Design the look of the site.
  • Choose your own web address.
  • Online instruction manual.
  • Internet-based technical support.