Cyberschool is easy to use! No knowledge of HTML, FTP or other programming language is required.

Cyberschool employs Content Management technology or “Fill in the Blank” format that makes creating/updating and modifying web pages quick and easy. It is a great tool for improving your effectiveness and enhancing communication for your students.

It also provides a high level of security. Only with a User ID and Password can any changes be made to teacher pages.

Cyberschool’s class builder wizard makes creating/updating and modifying classroom pages quick and easy.

Use the Wizard to build custom designed classroom pages and provide students and parents with online access to lessons, assignments, and announcements. Classroom pages, with themes, can help you maintain communication with absent students; get parents more involved by giving them access to their children’s assignments; and make it easy for you and your students to monitor progress.

Important advantages of Cyberschool for teachers are listed below:

  • It can be a useful learning tool.
  • You design the way your classroom pages look.
  • You can provide links for your students to use for projects, reports, etc.
  • Post homework assignments and special events.
  • Create on-line review tests for your students.
  • Exhibit student work using the scrapbook.
  • Approve, edit and create new blogs or discussion entries.
  • Create unlimited web pages to complement your website.
  • Encourage class discussion on message board.

  • Great way to organize your class.
  • True integration, from the district to the school to the classroom.
  • Use components to complement an existing site, or set up a brand new one.
  • Point-and-click set up.
  • Multiple user access.
  • Mac and PC compatibility.
  • Web-based training.
  • 24-hour site monitoring.
  • Online instruction manual.
  • Internet-based technical support.